Random Athasian Weather

01-02) Heavy Rain
03-05) Light Rain
06-08) Cloudy
09-15) Partially Cloudy
16-20) Heavy Winds
21-30) Strong Winds
31-40) Light Winds
41-50) Light Breeze
51-85) Average Day
86-95) Electrical Storm
96-99) Sand Storm
00-00) Cerulean Storm
01-03) Heavy Rain
04-07) Light Rain
08-11) Cloudy
12-20) Partially Cloudy
21-30) Heavy Winds
31-42) Strong Winds
43-54) Light Winds
55-66) Light Breeze
67-90) Average Day
91-95) Electrical Storm
96-99) Avalanche
00-00) Cerulean Storm

Heavy Rain: To Athasians, almost any rain is a lot of rain. A heavy rain accumulates 1d3 of rain over a period of 1 day.
Light Rain: Light rain is a scattering of showers that accumulates 1 or less over an entire day.
Cloudy: The sun is lessened and any penalties for wearing metal armor are halved.
Partially Cloudy: The sun is lessened but to such a degree that it has no game effects.
Heavy Winds: Wind speed is 5d6 mph and has effects similar to a Gust of Wind spell.
Strong Winds: Wind speed is 4d6 mph and has mild effects on flying creatures (decided by DM).
Light Winds: Wind speed is 2d6 mph and can lessen the effects of dehydration (decided by DM).
Light Breeze: Wind speed is 1d6 mph and has no real game effects.
Average Day: Little to no wind with heat. Athas is known for these days.
Electrical Storm: Like a rain storm but with no precipitation. Once a turn a lightning bolt will strike (10% chance of striking someone outside). 5d6 damage, save versus breath weapon for half.
Sand Storm: Those outside during a sand storm may be buried in sand. 5% chance per turn of occuring. Functions as per drowning rules. Requires a successful Bend Bars/Lift Gates roll to escape.
Avalanche: Those in the path of an avalanche may make a save versus paralyzation each round to avoid large rocks. Those who make the save take 1d10 from impact with small rocks. Those failing the save are struck by a boulder and take 5d10 damage.
Cerulean Storm: See Dark Sun boxed set. 2nd Edition.

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