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Does understanding wash through the soul like the sea?
Has truth passed by its span for me?
Life lost in nothingness shall never be set free.
Thoughts within the crest shall be the key.


Alone, alone, alone amongst them all,
Like the one too short amongst the tall.
The single drop of water in the sand,
That in the ocean is more than on the land.
This beach is deserted, no waves crash ashore;
The water is depleted, it cannot return to as before.
The seagull above sees the water from the height that it can soar,
And wonders aloud what the world could have in store.
Then storm clouds gather and rain comes crashing from the skies,
The watery deluge cleanses the ground and dispels all the lies.
No longer longing for company that is all his own,
The drop of water is surrounded by many and no longer alone.
Floating within the waves is a single drop of sand,
Plucked from this realm by a single lonely hand.

Wandering Within

Deep in my own thoughts and driven deeper,
The road ahead becoming increasingly steeper.
The trail left behind is highest yet,
To return now would make me to time in debt.
For notions in the past could I be interred,
But now even to me do they seem absurd.
To life I ask that you remember my name
Then I to you shall do the same.
Though my own mind becomes old and rusted,
The perceptions of others are not to be trusted.
Through time and work has my mind been made,
And throughout my own life shall my hand be played.
Relying on the word of others can lead to addiction,
And life in itself is a war of attrition.
So perhaps with hope and our own self- reliance,
Can we show to doom that within us is defiance.