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This page contains links and some interesting information. I will try to keep things fun with updated stuff sometimes. By the way, if you find something strange under one of my links, I am in no way responsible for it. Thank you and have a nice day.

The Path to Other Realms:

My Literature Home Page
Some of my poetry. Check it out
The Dragons' Page
This page is dedicated to Dragons
Akh Basher's Home Page
This is a great Page for NWN fanatics
Gryphon Multimedia Library
This page will read the poems to you (for those of you who don't like reading)
Vampire Links
This is a link to other links. Confusing, huh?
Weather for Cleveland
Want to know if I am snowed in today?
Kitten's Korner VamPress
Some great poetry for you vitae drinking people
Monty Python's Completely Useless Web Site
Some great Monty Python downloadable files
White Wolf Home Page
That's right, they have their very own Web Page
Year 2000 Web Site
For the catastrophe-minded... A real life upcoming apocalypse
Metallica Web Page
A great Metallica site!!!!
Kellnet Internet Provider
A great Internet server for northern Ohio
Bunny Testing Site
For all of you Malkavians and gnomes who thought my page was too depressing
Rob's Web Page
Check out his Web Page. Why? Because it is the only one on the Web worse than mine.
Seth's Totally Psycho Modern Vampire Page
What could I say that the name doesn't already?
Absence of Faith, A Nine Inch Nails Page
Flood told me about this page, no not THAT Flood...
Marilyn Manson's Church of Antichrist Superstar
If you have a weak stomach, don't go here

Kris Carlson
Send me an e-mail. If you are reading this page
then you obviously have nothing better to do.

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